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Fukushima Stack Appears to be Listing

Looking at the LIVE CAM at Fukushima it appears the big stack is tilting to the right.

To check we did a screen grab and put grid marks on the image using Paint. 85 more words

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Palestine Flags Fly at Tour De France

Stage 15 -

Video < 23 second mark

At the exciting duel at the last kilometer of today’s stage spectators waved Palestine flags. The broadcast was seen worldwide by millions. 11 more words

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Fukushima Live Cam Offers a Red Pill OR a Blue Pill

Two different views at the same time are given on “live” cams from Fukushima.

White steam or smoke as usual on the JNN cam - … 57 more words

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Massive Black Smoke Cloud at Fukushima

Since they stopped attempts to cool the wrecked fuel pools at Fukushima Daiichi over a week ago things are deteriorating rapidly there in recent hours. … 29 more words

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Latest On Brit Well Connected Pedophiles

No vocabulary for what this is . . .

The Telegraph - Theresa May’s judgement questioned over botched appointment of Baroness Butler-Sloss to lead child abuse probe… 350 more words

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