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"Wonders" Held Back Comic

By the way this is going, Rhonda won’t be very impressed with Principal Paxton’s bleached asshole.


Exploring Agra | Photo diary

To round off my 2014 I got the chance to visit Agra. Agra is home to one of the seven wonders of world. It was my five day medical workshop there. 365 more words

7 Wonders

I recently received 7 Wonders as a gift.  It has since become one of, if not my favorite game to play with friends.  It can be played with anywhere from 2-7 players, although I find it most exciting with the full seven which is how I will be explaining the game here. 752 more words

The Filthy Casuals

5 miles & 7 wonders

Yes, I skipped another day of blogging yesterday.  I’m just completely wrapped up in the Swedish version of The Bridge (season 2), and when I’m done binge-watching for the night, well, there’s really nothing blog-worthy compared to what I’ve just seen, so….no post. 231 more words


My Golden Beans for the Year

2014 was a great year for me. Most would look at it from an objective point of view and say that I probably netted a loss, but subjectively, I had a mountain of gains. 939 more words


Jan 4, 2015 Gaming

I went gaming on Sunday at Carl’s and Erik’s with Paul.   We watched Dr. Who Christmas, after.  I never seen any of the other Dr. Who’s but hear it’s pretty popular.   69 more words


Gaming Diary: 22.12 — 04.01 (Five Tribes, Carcassonne, TTR Europe, Small World, Мистериум, 7 Wonders, Telestrations, Бэнг!, Ghost Stories)

Привет! Каникулы кончились, можно наконец написать про то, во что удалось сыграть. Сыграно немного, у меня не было цели устроить марафон настолок на несколько дней, да и играли в основном с друзьями в не очень сложные игры.