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The Rivals for Catan - a Review

Holly and I were able to pick up a couple of board games last week on sale, and so of course we needed to check them out! 1,105 more words


Guest Post: The Plan - Part 27: Bending the Rules?

There is a time when you have to decide if a new edition is considered a new game or not. I pose that question since two of the games played this week are new editions of games that I also own the original. 1,100 more words

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Stay-in-Bed Sampler: Favorite games of the non-video variety

When trying to think of a topic for this weekend’s SIBS, I kept coming back to hobbies that I love outside of reading. And while I do like myself a good video game, there’s something satisfying about playing an old-fashioned board or card game. 701 more words

Stay-in-Bed Sampler

Weekend Gaming: Lords of Waterdeep

Saturday was spent celebrating my son’s birthday, which was LEGO themed this year.  He had a blast.  Along with that, our friends Nick and Laura were in town.   366 more words

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7 Wonders, the Board Game

For how much David and I love playing board games we really do not talk about them enough. We had played 7 Wonders once before at a friends house or watched it being played and last night we got to get together with a friend and really test out the game by playing a borrowed copy. 664 more words


(Cosplay): Full release!

Attendees of our PortConMaine panel, Glenn apologizes for the delay in the release of the dumb little card game we made. Apparently being a tough and gruff Teamster… 158 more words