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7-Year-Old Turns In Mother For Cooking Meth

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A 7-year-old child says his mom was cooking and using methamphetamine so he turned her in.

The little boy and his 26-year-old mother were living in Edgewater with her boyfriend’s brother Peter. 62 more words


Meet our tour guide, Mickey Mouse...

When people first hear that Disney has a tour company that leads families on adventures throughout the world, their first thought or comment is when will the beloved characters show up?   2,147 more words


Stewie Writes! The Adventures of Stewie and Boo: Lunch for Lions.

My 7-year-old son has decided that he wants to get “published” and fast! He’s started writing some stories for me to post on my blog so that he can work on his stories for his book. 327 more words


Imagination at its finest

We like to duel with his Nerf swords.

AUDEN: Fight me.

ME: After this. ::working on something on the computer::

AUDEN: Ok, bye…. ::trudge::

ME: ::grin and run out of the room with a frisbee:: ATTACK! 234 more words


Adult Words

We were driving home, listening to an NPR story. Suddenly, I hear…

AUDEN: Mommy. What’s a douche-bag?

ME: Ta… heh… what now? Where did you learn that word? 154 more words

Funny Kid Quotes

Cannibalism Unjustified

I still work late at a bookstore on Saturday nights. I’m also on a perpetual diet. I called my mother’s house to let them know I was on my way home, and the phone somehow got passed to Auden.  51 more words



Oh my goodness! The things that I do for my 7-year old! He has me saving cockroaches now! He plays ice hockey, and loves watching wrestling but he is the most sensitive soul I have ever met. 66 more words

7 Year Old