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Cartoon Like

In my supposed-to-be-carefree days as a post-graduate I was studying at Loughborough University and living at home in Leicester. I had to go to campus for lectures about three times a week and had nine am starts  in both my first and second semesters (the teaching section of the course). 708 more words

Birdhouse 4/12/14

A pretty birdhouse in the backyard of a house in my neighborhood.

Fox Squirrel

One of our clan of fox squirrels. (Sciurus niger). Click for larger image size.


Otter Love

Told you it was a terrible title.

London Zoo is bloody brilliant. I had low expectations ahead of my visit. A zoo in London? They’ll have no space, they’ll be barely enough room for two hamsters and a rabbit I thought. 582 more words

Drip Drop 3/10/14

Everything is melting, a sure sign of Spring!

Cheap Canon Lenses... I guess

Just in case you haven’t seen these yet, maybe you might find something interesting. Canon is always trying to get rid of these three lenses at a super big discount like they’re ashamed they even produced them. 155 more words