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all hail the king

Aug 28 1917 was the birthday to comic book artist Jack “King” Kirby.

Without Jack Kirby there would be no Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, or Thor, etc, etc, etc. 86 more words


Discreet Music - Brian Eno (1975)

Around the time I was getting into the electronic music from the likes of Orb and The Future Sound of London, I became curious as to what or who inspired them. 690 more words


Before winter sets in

Many sit in a loose ring on the grass, while others drum, dance, or strum on guitars. The thrumming itself evokes an awareness of Tribe in a glimmer of an alternative American Revolution based on Peace, Love, and Equality. 262 more words


Retro 70's Yellow Fondue Set

We are very busy at the moment photographing items for our Etsy Shop.
We had lots fun putting this gorgeous original, still in it’s box fondue set together. 21 more words



When you come close to finishing a novel, you wonder. Money? Subsistence? Fame? Continued oblivion?


“He’s a fine short story writer who just published his first novel,” as an imaginary review once surfaced. 206 more words


The Hissing of Summer Lawns - Joni Mitchell (1975)

Having been a fan of Blue, Court and Spark Wild Things Run Fast and Dog Eat Dog, I began to go backwards in Joni Mitchell’s catalog after college. 505 more words

Folk Rock


We’re seeing a lot of these comparisons between what you had to do to get kids ready for school in the ’70s compared to what parents have to do today floating around ye ole Intertubes. 1,578 more words