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750 Words


This is a writing exercise website with incentives to continue with the habit of writing three pages of journal writing a day. One page is about 250 words, so three pages is 750 words. 46 more words

Writing Ideas

What the Beach Tells Me

Martha walked down to the empty beach. The surf was very low, the smooth water barely rippled by the scant breeze. What a difference from the howling wind and crashing surf of the recent winter storms that tore over the island. 706 more words


A Few of My Favorite Things

The car puttered into its usual spot seemingly out of instinct. After a few idling seconds it went to sleep. Nothing moved. 30 seconds went by and then a minute yet there was still no movement. 737 more words


A life extraordinaire

A life extraordinaire

“This is your last chance, Myra,” thundered Magdalena.
No one in Neverland had ever seen Magdalena, the Fairy Queen lose her cool in last 600 years. 809 more words

750 Words

As I delve further into this month of daily bloggery, the idea of continuing after the April 14th grows on me.

I’ve always loved writing, but never seemed to have the time to develop a voice in blogging. 284 more words


Speakeasy #152 - Decision Day

The flat was cold and damp – a single, bare 40 watt bulb pulsed and crackled in tune with Ri-Sang Choi’s own laboured heartbeat. A trembling kettle whistled, bubbles of condensation forming on the narrow, single glazed kitchen window. 814 more words


It’s All About Timing

Heh, heh, we sure did have fun back then, didn’t we?

 Hey, that reminds me: I pulled out a few tapes of the band the other day.  579 more words