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Just Something Quick

The motto at the bottom of the 750 Words page says: “Private, unfiltered, spontaneous, daily.” Does coming up with a list of topics to write about violate the spirit of the site? 267 more words


The Stranger

I looked out of the shop window at about 10 and he was still there, standing as still as a statue.

The man was impeccably dressed. 740 more words


Marco Candida - La scelta dei giocattoli

Lu è nella cameretta di Lele. Sta scegliendo i giocattoli da portare nell’altra casa. Con lei ha quattro scatoloni, abbastanza grossi, del colore più tipico degli scatoloni, un colore che mi ha sempre messo malinconia, figuriamoci adesso. 670 more words

Flash Fiction


Part 7 New Life Series (AKA Frank)

I can’t believe how stupid I was. I should’ve seen it coming. Maybe I should’ve covered my tracks better. 758 more words


Another Beginning

Whenever you’re starting in on a new creative project, it’s a good idea to have a plan going in. And it’s a better idea to have a realistic plan. 781 more words


Way more than 750 Words...

This entry today is a strange one.

(It is also long overdue).

I have wanted to check back in since my last Post on March 28 2014. 1,561 more words

Keeping My Hand In

The writing hasn’t been going so well lately. Maybe the Mojo has left the building.

However, I gave up on writing once before and it took me many, many years to get back to it. 404 more words