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If only I had more time...

The world is a funny place, you struggle every day and end up sometimes just doing the same things, day in, day out.

You get a feeling that your are just living/working and for what? 384 more words


10pm and here I am

For the first time since starting this 750 words I nearly forgot to do it, so here I am at 10pm on Friday, sitting to write. 726 more words


Who said we can't have fun?

Listening to Slim Shady while writing this today. I love writing with my headphones on, it allows me to shut the rest of the world out and really get into the zone of writing. 714 more words


Comfort zones

The path of least resistance is where we often naturally gravitate to, especially, if we are not motivated in life. Honestly, writing our daily to do lists and we start off with heaps of enthusiasm of all the great things that we are going to achieve that day. 505 more words


First Impressions

“What looks good to you?” Sean asked, peeking over the top of his menu.

Sapphire eyes sparkling over her own menu, Lauren answered, “Everything. I can’t imagine anything here not being totally delicious.” 748 more words


The Jungle of My Dreams

I search for you in the jungle of my dreams. You’ve escaped me yet I can still feel your breath on my neck.

I know; I said ‘escape’. 501 more words


The 'F' button has helped me become an albatross

OK this is it, the big one, the big 30.

I have been building up to this one and I am aiming to do it in record time too. 747 more words