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A Missed Cog

A cog somehow missed, throwing the gear off. The whole works came to a stop and shifted into another gear and slowly started to spin back up. 389 more words



Trey had never noticed the sign nor the stairway leading to the basement. He paused to look at the intricate scrollwork of vines and leaves. 778 more words


750 words

A few years ago I did the mature thing and dropped all my responsibilities, apart from getting Tiefling to and from school. Between those two taxing tasks I did a bit a reading, a lot of walking, and started writing a book. 210 more words

Fuck Yes It Is All About Me

Looking for Some Quiet

Trey shivered as he left the library. He tightened his hoody for a little extra warmth. Although it was dark, it was still early so Trey was sure his roommates were still at it. 750 more words


The Ride Home

The station had seen it’s better day, that was for sure. Beneath the grime the cavernous station showed a little bit of the opulence that had greeted bus travelers back in the 1940s. 719 more words


The 15 Year Pin

Dan was pretty much on autopilot. He didn’t think about it. In fact he really wasn’t thinking about anything, he was just letting the day wash over him. 706 more words


The Proposition (A 750 Words Short Story)

Daniel Loss lost his job at Johnson Plumbing and Heating. His boss came in to his cubicle and fired him right then and there.

“Budget cuts, Dan,” his now former boss explained to him. 1,072 more words

750 Words