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A Record Album

Amongst things this happy nerd does is mount stands at fetes to support a charity and give talks, also to support a charity. The charity is actually a local museum which is 100% volunteer run. 264 more words

Past Times

Auntie Doris’s All things must Pass #8: Shellac

I never got on with them ruddy compacted discs. They were a right pain. I could never get the ruddy boxes open without snapping them, and then if I did get the box open, trying to get the disc out from that little plastic circle it was fastened to was just as ruddy hard. 587 more words


CROWN 1. Bueno - Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns

This is why I love records, it’s one of Stiffs least known releases and yet it’s available on a 10″ that plays at 78rpm ! 7 more words