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China Records - Sichuan Folk Music 78rpm

Here’s a special one, a mainland Chinese album from before the Cultural Revolution, recorded most likely the late 1950s. It looks like it was part of a series of recordings of amateur performances; sort of an Alan Lomax style project. 120 more words

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The Devil Sat Down and Cried

The magnificent beast of violent vulgarity sat crying on a damp, dusty slab. Under the weight of 78 tears, the Devil weighed his options, and settled on inevitable defeat. 86 more words


Luise Rainer: recording artist?

One of the fun facts about Luise (and there are SO many), is that her first Oscar win, in 1937, was the first time any actor had won an Oscar for a musical performance. 440 more words

Will You Remember or Will You Forget

Adjusted for inflation, this 1916, 78rpm 10”, with the then retail value of $1, would yield a cool $21.09 today. It’s comforting to comprehend that this same 78rpm 10”, 1) still functions, 2) still sounds amazing, and 3) was acquired for the same retail price in 2014 that it sold for in 1916. 20 more words


The Mystery Surfers 'White Bear Surf'

I found these songs on some recordable acetate 78RPM records. They came in the GJG retail store in White Bear Lake. Nobody knows who are on these recordings. 67 more words