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Gold Archeology - Jerusalem

Jerusalem of Gold: Archeology Update

Biblical archaeology sees golden age in Israel, dark age in rest of Middle East.

by Sean Savage

The recent unearthing of the largest cache of gold coins ever discovered in Jerusalem, comprising 264 coins that date back to the end of the Byzantine period in the 7th century CE. 1,364 more words

Swat Valley, Avalokiteshvara on broad lotus base

Avalokiteshvara is identified through the antelope skin over his left shoulder and the lotus design on his bracelets and armbands. The flat, almost squashed, lotus base with very broad petals is very different from the various standard Swat Valley styles but there is a 7th century dark bronze statue from Pakistan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (published in a previous post) with a similar type of base and also with the same draping of the dhoti and the same necklace. 19 more words

Buddhist Sculpture