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Phagpa Lokeshvara of the Potala

This famous statue, thought to have been introduced from Nepal to Tibet in the 7th century, has been restored with such a thick layer of gold paint that it is very difficult to appreciate its features. 239 more words

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Swat Valley, 7th c. Padmapani x 2

The first sculpture is classed as Kashmir but is almost identical to the second one classed as Swat Valley. Padmapani has an effigy of Amitabha in his headdress, an antelope skin over his shoulder, a sacred thread across his chest and a long-stemmed lotus in one hand, no crown or jewellery. 80 more words

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Kashmir, crowned buddhas

There are few Kashmiri representations of Shakyamuni in princely garments, with a crown. On these two statues he is wearing a transparent robe  with a V-neck and V-shaped shoulder line decorated with tassels reminiscent of 8th century Gilgit sculptures also representing a crowned buddha in princely garments.

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The Arab Conquests and the Rise of Islam in the 7th Century

I mostly put these up for preservation.  Perhaps someone out there is interested though.

Is the success of Arab conquests up till c.711 better explained by the weakness of their targets or by the strength of the Arabs? 1,420 more words