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Tibet, Avalokiteshvara in the lotus position

Hardly any Tibetan sculptures depict Avalokiteshvara with one head and two hands seated in the lotus position or padmasana. Dressed in bodhisattva attire, he may have his right arm at heart level in the fear-allaying gesture and the left hand holding the stem of a lotus. 106 more words

Asian Art

POETRY: Tanka Series, Week 8

Well, it’s the final day of tankas. This last poem is perhaps the most apt of them all.

These fingers curl around
stale air and I remember: 26 more words


POETRY: Tanka Series, Week 7

You are like scraping
a scab. I look
at you and start
to bleed all over

~Addison Taylor, © 2013

If there ever was a poem to be recurringly true, this would be it. 87 more words


POETRY: Tanka Series, Week 5

On her swollen
profile, white blisters
write a letter; oh–to
what lengths we will
go in the name of love.

~Addison Taylor, © 2013


POETRY: Tanka Series, Week 4

“The oak sloughs
its dead weight:
born again. Perhaps I also
can wring my heart
to bloom anew.”

~Addison Taylor

With the new year upon us, I can’t think of a more appropriately timed tanka for this series. 57 more words


Treasures Unveiled (3): A gold and garnet cross from the relics of St. Cuthbert

Here is another treasure to feast your eyes on, as we continue to explore Durham Cathedral’s Collections in words and images.  Durham Cathedral’s artefacts are diverse, from embroideries to chalices, grave crosses to incunabula (books printed before 1501, with movable type); you can learn more at  407 more words