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Christmas is well underway

Every year I lament the tendency of, well, everyone to jam as much stuff into December as possible. For whatever reason, we all feel the need to schedule EVERYTHING for December. 982 more words

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Winter break is almost here!  Students have been given homework for today, the 19th, and January 5th.  They return to classes on January 6th.  I will be getting all grades completed in the gradebook today, so if you are curious to see your childs grades, they will be up to date this afternoon.  127 more words

7th Grade

Hahlen's Cruise Memory

One of my earliest childhood memories occurred when I was about 5. One of my grandmas decided to have a family reunion. Somehow it was then decided that it would be a carnival cruise in the Caribbean Sea. 188 more words

7th Grade

One Day in Kindergarten, by Cora

One day in Kindergarten, we had just come in from recess and someone noticed a queer smell. Everyone paused briefly to try to sniff out where the scent was coming from. 151 more words

7th Grade

Anja's Memory

One hot and dry day, three years ago, in July. My family and I were in the middle of a wonderful trip to Europe. We decided to visit a lake that was quite a popular tourist destination, probably because of its beautiful scenery and clear water. 180 more words

7th Grade