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First Libra Friday: Venus in Libra

The Sun entered Libra just a couple of days ago. Libra is an Air sign ruled by Venus. Today is Friday’s who’s ruler is Venus! So it’s time to honor Venus in all of us. 281 more words


Libra New Moon

Take care of yourself. Read a book. Wake up slowly. Give yourself a hug. Do some yoga. Seek balance. Seek love. Seek peace.



New Moon in Libra

It’s that time again! This week September 24th is a new moon and it’s a new moon in the sign of Libra. This  new moon energy will bring about a focus on balance. 160 more words


When the Moon transits the 7th House

When the Moon Transits the 7th house issues of trust can surface, knowing who to trust.  We can also be sensitive to the moods of others–it is, after all, the house of others, any others, including but not exclusive to partners.   779 more words