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7zip on ESXi through p7zip

A while ago, I wrote about getting rsync on ESXi: ESXi 5.1 and rsync – damiendebin.net.

Now I needed 7zip on ESXi to make sure I could test unpack some 7zip archives. 544 more words

Power User

Adware from your classic utilities? Arrrg!

So yesterday I whipped up a temporary virtual machine of windows 7 for a brief test run. I needed winscp and 7zip. I am STUNNED by how much adware landed with those installs. 86 more words

Perbandingan Program File Archiver

Kita semua tentu saja familiar dengan file archiver walaupun mungkin tidak tahu apa itu file archiver. Singkat kata, file archiver itu umumnya untuk kompresi suatu berkas. 266 more words