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EIGHT weeks. 3 days.

I had an appointment yesterday to check my progesterone & estrogen to see how long until I can stop medication.
I wasn’t given the exact numbers of this weeks results. 398 more words


8 Weeks With Lucy Knox

Well, we have made it to that all important 8 week mark where experts say things get a little easier for us. Lucy Knox is growing and maturing right on schedule so maybe those experts will be right!


God is so amazing, answered prayer

Ok today its been 8 weeks since I’ve been waiting for my insurance to approve it so I can get my impacted wisdom tooth taken out, my family all thinks I have a lung infection, they think the infection from my tooth spread and hit my lungs, anyway I had been taking antibiotics for a few days and my voice started coming back but it still sounds like crap…anyway today I called my insurance company, I told them what was going on, so they looked up my case I was on hold for a while and I think they were re discussing my case, anyway they came back on the line and they told me I was approved to get my tooth taken out, so when I got off the phone with them I called my dentist and told them, they looked it up and they told me that yes I was in fact approved, then they said the oral surgeon only comes in once a month, I thought oh crap, but then they said he is in the office TODAY, and they had 2 cancelations so did I want to come in today or do I want to wait a month, I was thinking hmmmm naw I wanna wait a month…NOT!!!! 488 more words


8 weeks out!

8 weeks from today, right now, and I will be waking up to some pancakes!  Oh, I mean 8 weeks from yesterday and I will be stepping on stage for the first time. 519 more words

Bikini Competition

8 1/2 Weeks and Counting (Except When I Forget Completely)

Size: kidney bean

Fun Fact: tail just about gone

Baby Enjoying: swimming around and doing flips – so they tell me, I can’t feel anything… 179 more words


8 Week Update

How far along:  8 weeks + 1 day

Size of baby: Raspberry

Total weight gain/loss?  Down 2 lbs from pre-IVF weight.

Maternity clothes?  Not yet. Best part of the day is taking off work pants/jeans and putting on stretchy pants though! 180 more words