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Learning the 80 20 rule: Increase your Business Productivity

The boss sits in the corner of the room, or at least I think he is the boss. He always says to the others, “80 20 people, 80 20” Now don’t forget, I’m just a monkey fish, so I’m not that great with numbers. 835 more words

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The 80-20 rule

Impressed by my answers my mentor told me that I am on the 20% side! That was the time I learnt about this rule. I hope I am still on the 20% side and still have my unique opinion about subjects; and the way I look at things. 232 more words

Human Psycology

A busy week

This week, I took on a freelance assignment – a big step forward after being downsized last summer – and I’ve been working more consistently on my book. 158 more words

1000 Things that Smart People Do Every Morning

Saboteurs have to work smart, not just work hard. Smart people work smart. James Altucher is a smart guy, who writes his unique commentary on his popular website. 159 more words

The personal touch - a personal opinion.

Customer Service has been a buzz word in retail  for years – manufacturers, retailers, consumer groups and academics have sought to measure it, survey it, report it and improve it.  1,499 more words

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  In our modern landscape there exists food, and things I refer to as “food products.” To many of us, they are one and the same thing, and that fallacy is troubling to me. 276 more words

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You Have To Learn To Be Lazy To Be Successful In Life

Yes the title is not a mistake, the topic of this post is about being lazy in order to succeed.

What I mean by lazy here is not the kind of lazy where you just sit or lie on your couch all day and watch TV or play video games, being lazy here means that being lazy from doing hard and physical work. 231 more words

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