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What's next with 802.11

The new IEEE 802.11-2012 revision has been expanded significantly by supporting devices and networks that are faster, more secure, while offering improved Quality of Service and, improved cellular network hand-off. 209 more words


Put the unemployed tech savvy people to work

A tragedy in Washington state.. They should be giving wireless beacons to people who live in dangerous areas like this; get something compact that allows folks to check in with group-oriented hubs like individuals do on Facebook. 101 more words


Delete old/unwanted wireless networks from Windows 8.1

I found this procedure somewhere on the interwebs and thought i would make a note for my future reference. So, if it helps you then all the better. 193 more words

Protecting Privacy in the Wireless Era

Wireless network has come a very big step in the last decade. It brings many advantages and mobility providing mobile users to stay connected. Links are exposed and messages are being broadcasted to anyone with a radio range of 250 meters on 802.11b with any standard antennas. 673 more words


How to: Capture WLAN WiFi Probe Requests on Mac with tcpdump

Simply open a Terminal and typ:

tcpdump -I -e -i en1 -s 256 type mgt subtype probe-req 

where en1 is your wlan interface.