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A Cappella: "Beat It," Michael Jackson

Of course I had to do a little Michael eventually, and I was driving along on one of the few warm spring days we have had singing this song with my family and I knew it had to be done.  26 more words


Dance Hall Daze: 10 Days Of 'Dance Hall Days' by Wang Chung

Day 1

For the past 7 days, Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung — or as I now call it, Dance Hall Freaking Days by Wang Goddamn Chung, has been running through my head. 1,372 more words


Hindi Magbabago by Randy Santiago

Next OPM….

Randy Santiago’s Hindi Magbabago.

We used to like him back in the 80s…..I remember watching his concerts….(cringing now! Hahaha!)

Here’s a song he did in the 80s anyway….


Boy by Timmy Cruz

Bought from the Philippines and brought here to Sydney….

OPM in the 80s!

Boy by Timmy Cruz.


Let’s sing???



Starting Over Again by Natalie Cole

Another song I like…

Natalie Cole’s Starting Over Again

from her Good To Be Back album.


How I Got Into College [Savage Steve Holland Week]

“That’s the beauty of the Bauer/Bennedict method. You see, you don’t have to understand us… just trust us!”

The Scoop: PG 1989, directed by Savage Steve Holland and starring Anthony Edwards, Lara Flynn Boyle and Corey Parker. 603 more words


What's so special about the 80s?

80s means different things to everyone. We might all have a different definition for it. I interviewed some of my classmates, and they told me about what they think was special in the 80s in China and around the world. 142 more words