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Page 2 of 80s Monoculture Article

This is an excerpt from Jackson Hogan’s article, “Monoculture: 80s Music’s Singularity,” which was an interview with various adults who were teens during the decade and experienced similar experiences culturally despite their different backgrounds and tastes.


"80s and the Millennial Generation" Podcast

This podcast centers around how the Millennial generation views the 1980s decade as a whole, particularly the music. Then, we compare those views with that of a person who actually lived through the 80s.


80s music photo #2

This photo shows a few college students watching the Thriller music video for the first time on MTV in their dorm room. This video had a huge impact on 80s culture, as it increased the popularity of Michael Jackson himself, as well as showed that music videos were a true art form to be reckoned with, and not just a fad.


80s Music Photo #1

This photo represents the boom of Walkman players in the 1980s. With this new technology, anyone could listen to music on the go, especially during a workout. 26 more words


Tainted Love by Soft Cell

A good song by Soft Cell….

Tainted Love.


Woman In Chains by Tears For Fears

Fantastic song by Tears For Fears…

Woman In Chains.