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With October’s chills and strange things lurking just around the corner, I thought I’d post a story I wrote a few year ago. Parts of the story later grew into scenes of the novel I’m working on now. 941 more words

Lott's Mountain

Elena (Shoreditch)

Name: Elena
From: Spain (but she lives in London)
Instagram: @elnoart


The Company of Wolves

Neil Jordan’s surreal adaption of Red Riding Hood is one of my favourite movies and unfortunately quite unknown among the younger generations. It is based on the story “The Bloody Chamber” written by Angela Carter who co-wrote the screenplay as well.

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Life is Too Short for "Bad" Music

I can channel-surf like nobody’s business. A song comes on the car radio that I don’t like, and it’s gone before anybody even realizes it was a song. 743 more words

Discovering Me

4. "Shaky" - Shakin' Stevens

Christmas 1981. When asked what I want for Christmas, by now, despite (or perhaps because of) my ill-fated public display of musical knowledge, I have decided that what I want more than anything else is more records. 890 more words

Shakin' Stevens

Why I Love The Smiths

In 2001 I was a 17 year old kid that may or may not have been into nu-metal. I wore clothes that may or may not have been influenced by nu-metal, attired with a back to front red baseball cap, khakis and baggy t-shirts. 1,599 more words


John Hughes Blues: Weird Science

Have you seen this movie? I have a few friends who haven’t seen it, and I was trying to explain it to them in a way that would make them want to see it. 244 more words