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Give me a Beat!: The Art of Beat Boxing

Beatboxing: The Art of Urban Vocal Percussion. i.e. imitating drum sounds and beat patterns using your lips, tongue, mouth, throat, and voice.

The Art of Beat Boxing itself is a language spoken among the artists one might think of beat boxing as a type of Hip-Hop dialect. 485 more words

African American

The Return of the Living Dead

Dedicated to my, Uncle David Taylor. Thanks for giving me my love of zombies, RIP.

Two employees working at a medical supply warehouse release a gas from an army canister containing the undead body of a former army experiment. 1,368 more words

Movie Review

Client Will See You Now

Slinkies, Swatch watches, vintage Madonna, ‘The Goonies’… the ’80s were pretty ace, TBF (as a 1986 baby, I have some worthy credentials there even if I was more of a ’90s geek kid). 79 more words


90's Music and The Big Reveal

As the 90’s music channel plays in the background, I start comparing it to the 80’s music. But then of course I take it to the next level and wonder what else changed. 288 more words

Rewind Henley

You now how I said I didn’t enjoy camping? Well yeah, I really don’t enjoy camping. Especially in the rain.
Haha, ok, so maybe the fact I came straight from wilderness at around 9 o’clock (pm) to rewind Henley doesn’t help my opinion on camping.. 372 more words

Song of the Day: Say What You Will by Fastway

Say What You Will

Nowhere To Run
Nowhere To Hide
What You Doin’ To Me
All This Jive
I Can See It ‘Fore The Light Of Day… 166 more words

Song Of The Day

Midge Ure

The two things people remember most about me from the Ultravox days are my pencil moustache and Live Aid. The pencil moustache was a mistake but at least I didn’t go for the handlebar effort that Keith Chegwin recommended! 206 more words