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Skydiving Woman Falls Out Of Harness

There aren’t many You Tube videos that leave me with my mouth wide open in horror, but this one succeeded!  This very brave lady decided to go skydiving for her 80th birthday, but somehow her harness was much loser than it should have been, she began to slip out of it in mid air and came very close to falling to earth without a parachute attached.  58 more words

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For My Grandmother On Her 80th Birthday

A speech composed for my Grandmother’s 80th Birthday; a life lived in faith:

How can I, in a single speech, describe what my grandmother has taught me? 329 more words

80th Birthday

Happy 80th Birthday Donald!

In celebration of Donald Duck’s 80th birthday Disney has released this limited addition t-shirt. Pretty cool! Maybe I can convince my parents to order me one :)

Happy Birthday Donald!