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The Immense Heart and Mr Death

Blake turned 80, the first one in the family to do so, so Rob, who was visiting from Brussels and Georgia threw a small dinner party. 958 more words


Where do I begin?

It’s been nearly a month since my last post.  I did not mean to neglect you all.  Life just happens and I could not get myself to sit down to write about all that was going on. 1,211 more words


John McGahern| 80th Anniversary

It seems fitting to mark what would have been John McGahern’s 80th birthday.

In his obituary of McGahern for The Guardian in March 2006, Richard Pine commented that McGahern was arguably the Ireland’s most important writer since Samuel Beckett. 463 more words

Happy 80th Birthday, Carl Sagan.

“The Cosmos extends, for all practical purposes, forever. After a brief sedentary hiatus, we are resuming our ancient nomadic way of life. Our remote descendants, safely arrayed on many worlds throughout the Solar System and beyond, will be unified by their common heritage, by their regard for their home planet, and by the knowledge that, whatever other life may be, the only humans in all the Universe come from Earth.

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Geg's 90th Birthday

Today, 9th November 2014, would have been my Grandfather, Derek Bandey’s 90th Birthday. Sadly he just failed to make this extraordinary milestone, having passed away in late September of this year. 341 more words