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A Brief History Of Graphics In Video Games

Una excepcional y nostálgica serie de videos realizada por Stuart Brown compila de manera deliciosa y precisa los grandes videojuegos que sirvieron de inspiración y quiebre de tendencias y nuevas tecnologías. 8 more words

16 Bit

Chestnuts roasting on the 8Bit fire?

It may be the fact that I’m a total 80′s baby but this 8 bit Fireplace by JamesBit on Etsy warms my nerdy little heart. 189 more words


Pyronaut (NES Homebrew)

Check out this action NES homebrew by Optomon, hacker of the famous Castlevania II Chorus of Mysteries. Pyronaut is game that was formerly known as “Pyron” in its earlier stages. 250 more words


Shake It Off - 8-Bit Version

After Talyor Swift denounced Spotify earlier this week, I guess we have to do with the next best thing.

Added the Youtube for those of you without access to Spotify. 12 more words


Final Fantasy 1 (Final Fantasy Origins). Square (2003) PlayStation

Just to be clear, this is the review for Final Fantasy 1 as it appears on the Final Fantasy Origins re-release. Not the original NES version.

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