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Improvement of the mind

So, I’ve been super busy studying for the exams I have on the first week of September. However (ironically) I did find the time to make a studying playlist with some of my favorite instrumentals, scores and classical music. 55 more words

Piña Colada

For all of you who are planning to go on a beach trip or for those who wish they were at the beach (like me :c ), here’s a little something that will get you into an ahh-loooww-haaa vibe. 28 more words


Playlist: I'll Leave This Room by Taylor

these are some poems (i use that term loosely) i’ve written over the past few weeks. each poem accompanies each track on this playlist, and i’ve incorporated my favorite line from each song into each poem. 955 more words


In Rotation: My Sweet Summer

I hate to say it but summer is coming to an end. With a string of fall like weather conditions that we’ve been experiencing these past few days it sure felt like it. 87 more words

In Rotation

Rec: Teenage Anti-Hero.

real nostalgia. from sleepingnovak (thisIstherealryanross) on 8tracks Radio.

This came up on my tumblr dashboard and I had to share: it’s a playlist for all those super angst-y songs of my teen years and probably yours.


July 2014 Playlist

So July happened and it had a lot of good music with it. Again, as seems to be a trend with my playlists, it’s quite a mixture! 348 more words