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How Chemical Warfare Changed War

How World War 1 did changed warfare? World War 1 changed warfare because it was the first war to introduce chemical warfare. When was chemical warfare first used, what is chemical warfare, what were its effects and how did it change modern warfare? 852 more words


Hunter Mnich & Noah Marcotte

October 23rd, 2014

Work History 9.1

World War 1 Strategies and Tactics

World War 1 was an event that would change modern warfare forever. 708 more words


How Trench Warfare changed warfare

The question I have been researching is if World War I changed warfare? The topic I chose was Trench Warfare; Trench Warfare was mostly fighting and trying to stay alive. 351 more words


Cannons By Maha Yahya

Cannons are very old. The first cannon was invented in 1346. However, the cannons of World War I were a great improvement which changed warfare forever. 270 more words


The Slaughter Of World War 1 by:Sha'Lynn Howard & Angela Lyons

In 1916 the most devastating and gruesome battles in human history took place on the western front. The goal of the German commanders wasn’t territory but to “Bleed his enemy to death”. 462 more words


How Trench Warfare in WWI Changed War By: Courtney Shea and Korey Collazo

As a 9th grade class at The Springfield Renaissance School, we have been studying World War I, from the Alliance System, to causes of the war and the military strategies used; if it was a big factor in the war, we covered it. 1,381 more words


Terrell, World War I The Schlieffen Plan

Terrell Burgos

October 23, 2014

9.1 History

The Schlieffen Plan

How did World War I change warfare? In my response I will be explaining the process and purpose of the Schlieffen Plan made by General Count Alfred von Schlieffen in December 1905. 265 more words