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Employment: I don't want to work 7am-7pm!

Disclaimer: I’m incredibly lucky. I work 9-5 and not much more. I am very productive during that time and I appreciate that the company I work for don’t keep me back late and encourage us to actually have lives outside of the office. 599 more words


Workin' 9 to 5 (and understanding the bias of reputation)

“Women who take on informal leadership roles are going against the gender-based grain by behaving assertively and decisively – qualities more traditionally associated with men…Men are traditionally defined by words like aggressive, forceful, independent and decisive. 463 more words


9 to 5 | aan welke persoonskenmerken kun je een crimineel herkennen?

Hij kijkt onrustig om zich heen. Wil altijd weten wat je doet en waar je heen gaat. Heeft van dat haar en van die ogen. Stinkt een beetje en over zijn hele lichaam tattoo’s. 58 more words


The Realities of Writing work and Working work

So y’all haven’t heard from me for a while.

I have a full time job and acquiring the balance to do my writing work and my working work is something still in the works. 154 more words


Week 111: Weird Coworker

The theme selected for week one-eleven of Operation Graphite will be: Weird Coworker.

We’ve all had them, those odd coworkers that ether disrupt, or make our job bearable. 77 more words

Operation Mission Briefing

Workin' 9 to 5 (and advancing your career in tech)

Ok this week is more of an advertisement for a cool event that I’m attending and speaking at, but for those of you in or near Portland, it’s seriously worth putting on your calendar – and it’s FREE! 90 more words


Move It, Shake It

I’m lucky to have the father I have, though we speak rarely. He’s a bastion of strength, a serious force of goodness in my world, and I’m thrilled to have him on my side. 283 more words