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Working Out: My Journey and Learning to Love It

Over the last 6-12 months I have really (I mean really) let myself go and I have found myself feeling not so good about it. 715 more words

5 Steps To Starting A Home Based Business - Step TWO

This is day 59 of my SFM / DEA 90 Day Challenge where i share 5 basic steps to starting a home based business, these were 5 steps i wrote down when i was in … 23 more words

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Snacks Lunch and Dinner

Ok so after that gallon of shake for breakfast. 7.30am
How am I going to snack 2-3 hrs later ?
Well,  I managed 1 cream cracker, something is better than nothing. 94 more words

Day 1 breakfast OMG what have I taken on ?

Up at 7.30 am because I am excited
Wow to think I am going to start my day with Breakfast.
The first Breakfast in 40 years.   250 more words

Excellent Service Shape Kit has arrived

So after waiting 2 days, there is a buzz at the door. Postie is here with my Shape kit
Its 2pm tho, so will wait for the morning . 40 more words

I sent for my kit

The next morning I sent for my Shape Kit.
Shape Kit  2 x Packets of Tri-sorb Protein Shake mix 10 servings of the Vi-Shape® + 10 Mix-Ins for variety in Chocolate and Strawberry flavours. 203 more words

What I'm going to have for breakfast and lunch

I going to have a smoothie, however the smoothie equals this amount of food.

It would be impossible not only to consume this but to pay for it 3.3 times a day. 69 more words