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90 Days - Days 7 and 8

Alright. I’m still trucking through these days, but they are getting harder and longer. I might be giving up and taking them one day at a time for a while. 426 more words


Day 5 and 6

For anyone following my work through the 90 Days to Your Novel book, I have been basically been doing two days in one. I must have extra time on my hands. 469 more words


90 days to your novel

Ok. Day 2, but not really.

Sorry Ms. Domet. I did Day 1 and 2 together.

Today, I started day three and may work in day four tonight depending on what the husband does. 330 more words


Current Book - 90 days to Your Novel

Ok. I say I live in fantasy and that I am an aspiring writer. Then my blog is full of craft projects. Time for that to change. 299 more words


It's Time To Turn Up!

My Confession:

A new beginning by July, hinges on everything I do now until then. I have to work smarter. Everything is riding on me. 203 more words

90 Days

Take The Shame Out Of Gaining Weight... ?

My Confession: I cut out solids as of 1pm today and proceeded to do the juice fast. I decided diluting the juice would prove to be a little better for me. 959 more words

90 Days

120 days ofF porn

120 days Bitch!

You really did not watch porn or fap for 120 freaking days??

Yes. I did it. I braved exam pressure and rejection from a girl and still did it. 467 more words