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#90Seconds of Open Up, It Won't Kill You

As a reporter, I call lots of people and organizations to ask them questions. As a result, I encounter a lot of defensiveness. Walls. Resistance. Sometimes pissiness. 587 more words

Debra Alfarone

#90Seconds to Increasing Your Happiness. NOW!

Good news, you can be happier by the time you’re done reading this. I watch Super Soul Sunday on OWN any chance I get. And if I miss it, it’s on my DVR. 543 more words

Debra Alfarone

#90Seconds of Stop What You're Doing and DO "IT" ALREADY

I’m right now pfaffing around on my computer. I have email I must weed through before I can do anything, I also have a DVR full of shows that beg to be watched. 353 more words

Debra Alfarone

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra!

We expect to find shells on the beach. But this time I happened upon a fortune washed up, anchored by this shell:

(that’s a stray piece of Portuguese man-o-war nearby) 96 more words


90 Seconds of Inspiration from the TV show #Scandal

Do you watch ‘Scandal?’ If you live in DC, you are quite aware of it’s cult-like following. The beautiful Olivia Pope’s character is based on crisis PR guru Judy Smith. 309 more words

Debra Alfarone