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#songoftheday: Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark (Live)

A perfect example of the live version of a song rendering the studio version obsolete.


After I Left You, nostalgia, old flames and the power of secrets

Some years ago, standing by the buffet at a family occasion, I witnessed a brief encounter between a middle-aged woman and an old flame. As they turned towards each other they both seemed to soften, and although the years didn’t quite fall away from them, it was possible to glimpse their younger selves. 745 more words

After I Left You

The Heat. Europa Europa. Blue is the Warmest Color. Standing Up. Speed. Speed 2. Freaky Friday. Children of Men. Freedomland. Very Good Girls. Dead End. Stuck in Love. Miss Congeniality. Miss Congeniality 2. The Haunting in Connecticut 2. A Daughter's Nightmare. Peace, Love & Misunderstanding. All About Steve. Texas Chainsaw 3. The Possession. Oculus. Candleshoe. All about Steve. But I'm a Cheerleader. Consent. G.B.F. Tarzan. Starving in Suburbia. Haunt. Blindness. Excision.

The Heat

Without a doubt, comedy of the year. It seems impossible to choose a single best scene, but I’m gonna go with the club scene, when the guy says picture time and Sandra’s character pushes herself into the crowd and slaps his hand, while this other guy is always in the way and Mullins is trying to get all the girls away from the first guy, trying to fight the narc at the same time, saying are you fucking kidding me when she sees him. 2,719 more words


Samira Tawfik (سميرة توفيق) - Asmar Ep (199x)

Phoenicia was an ancient civilization in Canaan which covered most of the western, coastal part of the fertile Crescent. Several major Phoenician cities (Sidon, Tyre, Byblos) 664 more words


Years & Years - Breathe (Blu Cantrell Cover)

Years & Years showing off their skill yet again, this time taking on Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul’s “Breathe”. Olly Alexander’s vocals are on a full display in this R&B jam turned indie-pop gem. 12 more words


Dawson's Creek

When I was 11 my grandmother died, my sister graduated high school, and that was my first summer home alone. That year I experienced horrible anxiety, and insomnia. 556 more words


Brooklyn Boyz Choir

The Brooklyn Boyz Choir was a freestyle\dance group from the late ’80s\early ’90s. Not much information is given about them, but they were signed to the Metropolitan Recording Company label. 74 more words