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Website Prep!

Yesterday consisted of making many chokers in preparation for the website which will be coming your way very shortly! Exciting times for everyone. Here are a few pictures of all the different chokers so you can have a cheeky glance. 18 more words


Film Review: The Virgin Suicides (1999) ★★★★

This film is spot on. Another reason to love Sophia. I love her blunt focuses on awkward moments (James Woods’ character is especially precious because of this). 293 more words

Film Reviews

#songoftheday: Sloan - I Can Feel It

Sloan’s second album, Twice Removed is full of great songs, but this sweet acoustic number’s always been a standout for me.


Things of the past.

Today while making this blog, Marissa and I stumbled across some vintage pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, cat-eye sunglasses, and polaroid cameras. It reminded us of how things were better in the past. 219 more words



Today I’m going to do the throwback tag, which I think is technically a Youtube tag, but like, what is conformity anyways?

1. What year were you born in? 784 more words

🎶 sometimes in our lives...

No matter your age you have certain decades that  mark/scar/impact you for the rest of your life.  For me those were the 80’s and 90’s  i don’t feel like i am stuck in those decades i have moved on long ago. 204 more words