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What happened to black television?

During the 90s, I had the luxury of choosing between watching the reruns of The Cosby, A Different World and 227 when I had to wait until next episodes of Martin, Fresh Prince, Living Single or Hanging with Mr. 609 more words

«Олигархи» — уникальный бизнес-феномен постсоветской России

Я неоднократно сталкивалась с тем, что термин «олигарх» совершенно не распространен в правой среде и практически незнаком людям за пределами СНГ. Люди либо считают его полным синонимом термина «крупный бизнесмен», либо вообще никогда не слышали это слово. 54 more words


My sister came home from London to visit us recently and we spent a rainy Sunday afternoon flipping through photo albums and laughing hysterically about bad hair style choices, old holiday photos and of course awful 90s fashion.


Hi Internet!

I have decided to start a blog (obviously). I have a lot of time on my hands, and I just want to do something with it. 150 more words


one question

If the new generation did what the older generation liked then the older generation would probably say “Man these kids aren’t original, look at them stealing our style” 40 more words


Yearbook snips from our senior year, Class of 1997.