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1992 Foot Locker Slam Fest

Ken Griffey, Jr., Barry Bonds,  Deion Sanders, the late, great Derrick Thomas, and Steve Bono(?) walk into a non-NBA slam-dunk competition…


Ah… the 90’s…

Lauren here.

Today we discuss my formative decade… the 90’s.

First things first. Watch this awesome attempt by Internet Explorer to be cool again:

IE: Stop trying to make fetch happen. 770 more words

Pretty fly for a normcore guy

Ah, Normcore, everyone’s favourite none fashion trend. After Monday’s article decrying normcore’s lack of real life normalcy you may be wondering why I’m wasting my time writing  yet another article on the subject. 758 more words

Come To Think Of It, Bop-It Was Kind Of Creepy

Remember 90s toy wonder-sensation Bop-It? Of course you do — this is the internet, and not knowing things like “Bop-It” is punishable by firing squad. 42 more words

Do you remember the 90's?

I sure do.  The 90’s were my teenage years.

The 90’s were when I learned to pleasure myself.  Clumsily at first but by the time the video for “I Think I’m Paranoid” by Garbage came out, I was quite adept. 356 more words

Erotic Stories

Nerd Shirt Of The Day: Heroes in a Half Hell

We have posted about  Josh Ln before but just love his work too much not to repost. Check out this awesome TMNT shirt he has for sale over at Teepublic for $14… 6 more words

Geek Apparel

Remember Theme Hospital?

Theme Hospital was released in the 90’s and was so addictive that you could just sit there all day playing it! What’s also great is the fact that 69 more words