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LIVE Of The Day

Spente Le Stelle by Emma Shapplin

Un cuor ferito, disperato passa qua.

The joys of TV when I was a kid

A while back I read this really cool post on The joys of being a kid in the 90’s – read the post HERE. 287 more words


Timeless Classic Of The Day

Souviens- Toi by 2be 3

Tout est dans ma mémoire, je voudrai te revoir…

Favourite Piece: Timberlands & When Not to Wear Trainers

On the few days of the year that I’m not wearing trainers, boots are usually always on my feet (no matter the weather). These Timberland boots were purchased after I realized the blatant stupidity of ruining all of my nice trainers at outdoor concerts. 163 more words

Before They Were Famous: Paul Rudd in Super Nintendo Commercial

Before Paul Rudd was playing some of our favorite comedic roles, he was playing with power…Super Nintendo Power…and also likely playing with himself as young men tend to masturbate. Enjoy the commercial!


Nostalgia Double-Dose: Star Wars/Friday Mash-Up

What do you get when you mash-up scenes from Star Wars with dialogue from Friday? I have no idea, but it’s pretty fun to watch! Enjoy.


Ang Lumilipad Ay Lumalapag Din

Hindi maipagpapalit sa anuman ang dantay ng nakikipag-unahang ihip ng hangin sa kanyang mukha. Hindi maipagpapalit sa anuman ang daluyong ng nag-aapurang dugo sa kanyang mga ugat. 150 more words

Indio Ramos