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Who Writes the Executive Orders?

When you consider the characters who have been President of the United States, folks will often assign them responsibility for the direction of the Nation, and perhaps the world. 239 more words


WHO is Behind the Spread of Ebola? and other crises...

What do WE think WE know?

The supposed Ebola outbreak occurred in a tiny corner of a small African nation. It was isolated. It could have been quarantined and boxed in, made to die out out because no traveling vectors could transport it beyond the wall of isolation that should have been built around it. 741 more words


Benjamin Fulford's Urgent Message to Humanity

The points made are actually quite factual and valid. We are watching in “real insane” time how current leaders are (mis)managing present problems around the world. 263 more words



11 ways to apocalypse  = 835179264  casual / 971534826 abundant / 123456789 evil


abundant , polite, deficient, evil and apocalyptic

911 = 285 vortex negative… 111 more words

NWO & Secret Societies