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"9/11, 9/11, What Went Down With Building 7?": The Hot New 9/11 Truther Single by Martin Noakes

Incoherent blog posts and rambling, 20-minute Youtube videos are the norm for conspiracy theorists. But when they get musical, magic happens.

Noted 9/11 Truther Martin Noakes (who appears to be legit) dropped this video in 2011 and it’s racked up 86,452 views and 368 downvotes. 102 more words

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Rand Paul Wrote the Forward for Book by 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

That’s not entirely accurate but you can bet your ass messages like that are going to start coming at Rand Paul since he wrote the forward… 226 more words

Is it Really a Dealbreaker?

I was waiting at a doctor’s office and they were playing Everyone Loves Raymond, which I was barely paying attention to. In it, Raymond’s brother finally finds the perfect girl. 777 more words


"Return Of The Village Idiot": Rosie O'Donnell Not Seeing ISIS But American Greed . . . Again

O’Donnell, a 9/11 truther and general conspiracy theorist, on Wednesday delved into the reasons behind Barack Obama’s air strikes against Syria. The View co-host insisted that there is a “financial agenda” in the United States’s actions, lecturing her co-hosts: …

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