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   THIS IS THE WRITER                 My super-hero

         Written by RAUL B.,11th D

            Have you ever seen a super-hero? I think that yes, because everyone has seen one on… 477 more words


Me No Read Good

It’s no surprise that having a learning disability is a hindrance to progress and self-value. The issue is that you are blocked off in a way, pushed back by some force that makes it seem pointless to go on. 201 more words

I Got 1537 Problems But Jay-Z Ain't One

Being the Alpha male I am, there I was pumping iron at the gym on Monday working on my quads*, making sure all the other guys who were there knew I was top dog, just like I had to when I was doing a stretch in Leavenworth, when Jay-Z… 659 more words

Record Collecting

Let's Pretend

We’re on a date.

Yes, you and I.

Ok. Let me set the scene…

We are at a bar, eating Tapas and drinking Sangria. You are in for the worst night of your life. 859 more words

Get To Know Me

The Undertaker And His Wife Wore Matching Jay Z-Inspired Shirts And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

There was a time when Undertaker wouldn’t do the tributes to dead wrestlers because he was so concerned with protecting his character. Well, it’s 2015 and things are different. 79 more words


The Undertaker Receives Jay-Z Inspired Gift

Hip Hop and wrestling is such an interesting pair. The entertainment sport and music genre may have some different demographics, but rappers seem be influenced by the wrestling culture and visa versa. 70 more words