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#WGW - Jay Z - 99 Problems

Getting pulled over doesn’t happen often without a car. In the video he teases his old reasonable doubt era Lexus steez…


the big breakup - my misadventures with smartphone slavery

Recently, I’ve felt really run down, disengaged, burnt out.

I misdiagnosed it a couple of times before realizing what was the biggest cause of my issues. 1,272 more words


If Jay-Z was a farmer, these would be his problems. Verse 1.

I got the reap patrol following the sow patrol
Ministers that want to see my farm down closed
Farming critics say that I’m all ‘livestock, ploughs, hoes’ 169 more words


To Fall off or keep on riding... that is the question.

So as I mentioned, I wasn’t having the most success since I begun building my new career in the fall of last year. What changed the direction of my professional life was having goals infused with purpose and doing whatever it took to stay motivated and consistent in my actions. 355 more words


Rick Rubin Claims Chris Rock Was The Inspiration For Jay Z's '99 Problems'

In an interview with New York, bearded couch-sitter Rick Rubin says that were it not for Chris Rock, Jay Z never would have written “99 Problems,” and thousands of lazy bloggers wouldn’t be able to start every article about Hova with, “Jay Z’s got 99 problems but ain’t one.” 159 more words


Rick Rubin: Chris Rock Came Up With Idea For Jay Z's "99 Problems"

(AllHipHop News) New York Magazine selected Jay Z to appear on one of the covers for the publication’s “Annual Yesteryear Issue.” As part of the feature, legendary producer Rick Rubin shared some information about Jay’s hit single “99 Problems” off… 275 more words


Jay Z- "99 Problems" (Benji Boko Remix)

An interesting remix we found of Jay Z’s “99 Problems” by Benji Boko. The guitar riff that he adds to Jay’s lyrics makes this track a great new take on this classic. 6 more words