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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

I got 99 problems and not being at Tomorrowland is 1 of them. I’m sure you’ll also understand the other 98 of them too if you’re currently living in… 234 more words

This Is What it Sounds Like When Jack White Covers '99 Problems'

In May, Jack White opened up about potential collaboration projects with Kanye West and Jay Z that never quite pulled through. But that hasn’t stopped White from incorporating the artists’ work into his setlists. 47 more words

Jay-Z & Jack White's Live Mash-Up

You don’t hear too many rap-infused rock songs these days, mostly because you don’t hear many rock songs these days.

Luckily for us, the ever-innovative Jack White attempted the task during his live show at the Forecastle Festival this Saturday, and he pulled it off without a hitch. 89 more words


JAY Z - 99 Problems (Black Boots Blacklisted Rework)

Las Vegas production duo Black Boots sprinkle some bone crunching bass to JAY Z’s classic ’99 Problems’ which is destined to blow ya laptop speakers! If your not familiar with Black Boots then I suggest you check out their… 25 more words


I got 99 problems, and they all bitches

So, I was at the gym tonight and like all prissy white gals, I was running on the treadmill pumping my ‘Top 100 Hip-Hop Tracks’ on Spotify, because, come on, it’s the the only time we feel bad ass enough to listen to it. 989 more words