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I Got 99 Problems but a Gift Ain't One

Only 13 days left!

We have 13 days left until Christmas! That’s what I and the rest of procrastinator nation like to call ‘an eternity’ to get our holiday shopping taken care of.  275 more words


How Much to Help

Life is pretty good.

Nothing crazy is happening. Work isn’t too bad. I’m feeling good. Money is ok. Life is pretty good overall. But two things are splinters in my side and I’m not sure if they should be. 613 more words

Nachtrag "Because She's Always Too Busy"

Liebe Leute, vielleicht habt ihr ja schon meine Geschichte “Because She’s Always Too Busy” gelesen. Ich möchte euch jetzt noch gerne ein paar Sachen dazu erzählen. 283 more words

Awaiting the decision of the Grand Jury in the Shooting death of Michael Brown

In light of the protest and riots following the Rodney King verdict, the United States are on high alert awaiting the decision of the Grand Jury out of MO, Ferguson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. 444 more words

Tunes Day Tuesday - Food Edition

In case you missed it, Sorted Food, a British group that teaches their audience how to cook, did a musical video for this week’s Fridge Cam segment. 148 more words

Other Online Things

99 Problems but my ass ain't one.

Queen Bee is at it again. We all lost our minds earlier this week when Bey posted this photo.

She’s perfect, it’s fine.

This amazing body suit is actually a dress from The Laundry Room: Link… 44 more words


Beyoncé Might Have 99 Problems, But Apparently Her Ass Ain't One

Between being inundated with the ass-tastic antics of today’s starlets—we’re looking at you, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and Iggy Azalea—there’s a chance you might have forgotten that  182 more words