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Gray Knights alternate paint scheme

I wanted to paint up some Gray Knights to possibly ally up with my Ultramarines in a 40K game. Here’s a short piece on how I came up with my alternate color scheme for the Gray Knights. 497 more words


Tipday-Thursday! Alternate!


Tonight I’m going out to the pub with some friends so I thought it would be apt to do an alcohol tip today :) 84 more words



Gifts of

more time or


lengthenedĀ hair:

Signs of desperation



Alternate World

I never intended to fight, nor had I been forced to fight. My mother and father had both been murdered during the rebel fighting, and the majority of my brothers and sisters had fled to neighbouring Scotland. 465 more words

Short Story

Writing Tips for the Mind

There are many writing tips out there. I don’t usually talk about these, because what works for one person may not (or probably won’t) work for another. 281 more words


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Thank you so much, Anna. I have received so much difficulty and utter crap from people because of my "disturbing" topics that I write about. In just 2 years, I have had the police called on me 25 times, had 4 restraining order threats, 16 full police investigations into my content, had 5 psychological referrals and have been told that I present as an emotionally-disturbed schizophrenic, even though I'm not, because of the writing I do. I can't even sit in my own house without the police calling my phone, it happens all the time. There is a real danger of me being arrested, beat up or shot dead whenever I leave the house...yet everything I write is completely legal. I'm glad to see others understand this. By the way, I love your topics you write about. Keep up the good work.

XVS650 - Alternative to highway Bars/Pegs

I just made this video for xvs650 owners,
If you are planning on getting highway bars to have pegs on them also you can try this as an alternative.

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MLB San Francisco Giants Authentic On Field Alternate 59Fifty

In addition to being the home to the San francisco Giants, AT&T park has hosted the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (NCAA) since 2002 and has been the location of choice for the San… 288 more words