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How To Avoid Embarrassing Situations

You know how Bruce Wayne decided to become a bat because bats are what he fears most? I think I might have to come up with a new approach to create a superhero alias. 538 more words

Before I Go To Sleep

Before I Go To Sleep has been a great commercial success; a film version is due for release later this year. I thought it started with a few decent-ish set pieces and a couple of barely interesting bits of suspense, but even that wasn’t enough to make it an average book. 758 more words


Red or Blue? Avoiding Office Politics

By: Molly Tullis

No, I’m not actually referring to whether the bumper sticker on your car is of a donkey or a well-dressed elephant – or for some millennials, even a Green Peace sticker. 838 more words

Prayers to Avoid. Part-One.


There is a big difference between having faith in God and being traditional, prayer reveals much about our Spiritual condition.

Jesus here is warning the people and the Disciples not to be pretenders and allow ourselves to exploit others people misfortune with what sounds like good and holy prayers. 7 more words

Avoid Jail Time Due to Traffic Violations with Fort Worth Bail Bonds

The majority of traffic violations in Fort Worth, such as speeding and DUI, do not usually lead to detention. However, they can build up and gain enough weight to be considered as grounds for jail time. 67 more words


Lets just take a minute here and talk about hostel etiquette.
Now I know having the bottom bunk is the best, it’s more convenient in every possible way. 219 more words


5 safety rules for women

Have you ever felt an unwanted hand behind while pushed to exit from a metro? Or may be heard those obnoxious comments about your assets? Do you find it demeaning when they stare and laugh at something pointing you? 622 more words

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