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Thinking About Building? Avoid These Design Flaws in Normal Homes!

When building a home there are so many things to keep in mind. How you’re going to use each space, how big the rooms need to be, and possibly even resell potential. 22 more words

Webinar Mistakes to Avoid | Meet Brian McDaniel

Here’s a couple of webinar mistakes to avoid. I wish I’d have know them sooner… but we both know them now :)

The Five biggest mistakes that digital marketers make with PR

How to avoid those typical PR blunders PR, like many parts of digital marketing, can be a numbers game. You try different pitches to different publications and hope that something works. 142 more words

Common ad traps to avoid

What was the last advertisement that brought you into the store?

Too often we buy false advertising messages and are deceived into thinking that we bought certain things at the lowest rate. 282 more words


Tipsy Tuesday!

Hello again. It’s ‘Tipsy Tuesday’! And today I’m going to give you all a few tips on:

How to stay out of the weird side of YouTube. 433 more words


Food To Be Avoided

Sometimes we get lost in the moment and forget to watch what we eat; that fine but remember that you have a target weight and one slip can change it all. 274 more words


30 Frequent Wedding Fails Each Bride Could Avoid

These 30 common wedding fails, revealed by our real-life brides, could have easily be avoided with a little prior planning. Read on and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes… You have been warned! 24 more words

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