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Microsoft asserts that given 16 data disks, Azure VMs can provide a maximum of 8,000 IOPS in the document “Performance Guidance for SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines” available from… 1,665 more words


Azure for IT Professionals – part 3 for virtualizationreview.com

And here is the final part of my mammoth overview of Windows Azure on VirtualizationReview.com. This time I cover storage, Recovery Manager, cache, media services and Azure Active Directory as well as service bus and the new DevOps portal. 14 more words


Connecting powershell to Azure Active Directory (Office 365)

Office 365 and Microsoft Azure uses the same user directory; Azure Active Directory. Even if you are only using Office 365 you will still need to connect to Azure AD to do things like setting a password to never expire on service accounts and last-failsafe-administrator accounts. 165 more words


Microsoft's Azure platform will change the world

How many times have you tried to figure out what you are having for dinner only to become disgruntled and order a pizza? It happens to all of us from time to time, but that’s often because we run out of time to prepare for dinner or, frankly, we forget what’s in the fridge. 151 more words


Microsoft Cloud Revenue Grows 147% To Annualized Run Rate Of $4.4B

On Tuesday, Microsoft released its Q4 2014 earnings report, the second such report since Satya Nadella took over as CEO in February. Key features of the report include the following: 417 more words

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Google Cloud Platformは先発のAWS、Azureに対抗できるか [ #cbajp ]




Microsoft will dissolve internal and external silos to galvanize CY15 revenue growth

By Elizabeth Hedstrom Henlin, Senior Analyst

Below is TBR’s commentary on Microsoft’s CY2Q14 earnings. Please feel free to use this content with TBR and analyst attributions. 694 more words