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Three Beautiful Balkan Cities Worth Exploring

With vacation planning season in full swing, the time to consider your explorations is now, as delaying in putting together your itinerary for much longer is certain to end in disappointment. 609 more words


Update on The As of Now Project

The As of Now Project as I am as of now calling my project, is a personal project aimed at helping Syrian refugees. I have no idea what I’m doing so I am trying different things and seeing what sticks. 189 more words

My Easter Traditions

Easter is coming up soon, its one of my favorite holidays!

I wanted to share some Easter traditions I grew up with in Bulgaria that we still follow and do to this day. 433 more words

New Voice: Peter Kerkelov

Peter Kerkelov describes a recent work ~

Talking about improvisation and chance here I provide a link to my latest composition “Two Symphonies and Postumus” for string quartet. 1,012 more words

New Voices

A 'novel' idea for readers in Bulgaria

This is just too good. As a beach-lover, book-lover and library frequenter, this is pure genius: a library on the beach.

So you’re off to the beach, you don’t have anything to read, and oh, fancy that – there’s a stock of over 2,500 titles in more than 10 different languages just waiting to be perused. 117 more words

Peacefulness. Sincerity. Purity.

The uniqueness of a moment.

The thrill, the excitement, the emotion of a new friendship.

Lying on one of the cliffs in Lakatnik, Bulgaria.


After more than a week at home with a coughing and clingy 5 year old, I finally got some time all to myself during the weekend, which I spent indulging in my photography hobby… My friend Tedi is a gorgeous and most patient model… We went to one of Sofia’s many parks on Sunday and spent a couple of hours exploring locations, posing and (natural) light… and we had so much fun!!!