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Cheers to Capri

Cheers to Easter and getting a small break off of school. I am not going to Capri anytime soon, but springtime is still peeping through this bipolar Texas weather. 668 more words

Promotion? …Okay!

When I started this new job, I had a goal of being promoted within 12 months, I did it in 6! I got the news yesterday when my boss asked to see me for a minute. 339 more words

On Toasting to Two Years!

This month celebrates the two-year mark that I have been writing on this blog. I can hardly believe it.

Everyday I am learning, growing, and changing, and I want to share as much of this process as I can. 115 more words

Quick Thoughts

Fear The Finale

The series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” went over like a lead balloon, joining such finale fiascoes as “Lost,” “The Sopranos,” “Dexter” and “Seinfeld.”  The higher the stakes and more beloved the show, it seems, the harder it is to achieve a satisfactory conclusion. 911 more words

Popular Culture

Cheers to Boston

I’m shipping up to Boston next week! …But not to find my peg leg like in Dropkick Murphy’s famous song below.

My trip to Boston is with the… 256 more words


What a weird world we live in...

I’m not okay. I need someone to listen to what I’m saying, to what I’m feeling.

I used to be this girl that saw the world in nothing but positive light. 435 more words

Here's to "Cheers."

When I was growing up in the eighties, Cheers was one of my favorite tv shows. Now, with the advent of TiVo and Netflix, I’ve been slowly but surely re-watching the entire series and it remains one of the best comedies ever to grace the small screen. 3,000 more words