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Nutanix 4.0 Hybrid On-Disk De-Duplication Explained

Post by Andre Leibovici (thank you)

Nutanix is a distributed scale-out 3-tier platform, utilizing RAM, Flash and HDD. This combination provides access to constantly accessed data in terms of microseconds; instead of milliseconds when exclusively flash devices are used. 51 more words


Rethinking Enterprise Storage

Post by Colm Keegan (thank you)

With soaring data growth occurring across all industries, IT planners need to rethink how they design and implement enterprise storage technology. 67 more words


Moon over Junction

I took this several years ago. No. I did not wake up on the 15th to take a pic of the red/orange moon. I was up at 2:00 letting the doggies out, but not up at 3. 33 more words


Rainy Day Inspiration

The weather is pretty horrible outside and I’ve seen quite a few cloud/weather inspired rooms around blog-land. I’ve found some products available in NZ/online that are pretty darn cute… 56 more words

Kid's Room Decor

Serious question: Who should pay for Heartbleed?

The discovery and disclosure of CVE-2014-0160, better known as Heartbleed, as it was nicknamed by security firm Codenomicon, came about in a very unusual manner. … 781 more words