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wdiff, cwdiff and dwdiff: Since I mentioned it. ...

I just mentioned colordiff, but left out one thing it can do: colorize the output of wdiff. And what is wdiff, you say?

That should give you an idea. 408 more words


colordiff: A difference in color

Remember my unnatural predilection for anything in color? You have to admit I’m right on this point. After all, which would you rather look at? 189 more words


Self Love

I am a huge fan of the self-love movement that is going on right now. I don’t know how much of that is just the parts of the Internet that I peruse, but more and more I’m seeing talk about loving your self. 362 more words



sooo last week i wrote EVERYTHING IS AWESOME the first part. if you haven’t read it then i recommend you read that one before this one! 806 more words


Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks: New VS Old

I first found out about this reformulation from the blog Nouveau Cheap (such a great blog, make sure you check it out).  Here is a link if you want to find out more about this new line.   368 more words


Happy Pills? (Version Two)

I can never look at something and consider it finished, which drives me nuts. Therefore, I have decided to make a poll in order to see what others think. 141 more words