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April 17: My Blogging Anthem

 Prompt: Million-Dollar Question
Why do you blog?

Why don’t you ask me the meaning of life while you’re at it?

I was asked this question of why I write daily blogs recently by someone who didn’t actually seem interested in the answer (I don’t understand… 624 more words

Chris Hanna

this speaks volumes to me

from “Thought Catalog” - 


The 50 Best Qualities A Modern Girl Should Have: - 

1. Be the girl who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, who still manages to pull off the worst of jokes, and can effortlessly brighten a room with the sound of her laughter. 1,053 more words

In love with the ugly truth 💜

Have you ever been so attracted to someone that every other person thinks they’re wrong for you?? Perhaps been attracted to the bad guy in the story and yet he or she is what you want? 299 more words

Hey, Divers! Sorry for the long wait!

Been gone a while in the real world – GRINDing it out, each and every day (well, with some exceptions, of course). I’m getting my school work done, my real work done, and still have hours to sit around and kick it. 229 more words

Good Boy

I REALLY enjoyed writing and recording this. My studio was sizzling hot during the editing process. You KNOW you’re going to want this mp3!

You’ve probably “heard” Me write this somewhere before, and I’ll write it again: It amuses Me beyond belief to take a simple term or word from our everyday lives and pump it full of triggers and suggestions. 115 more words

Updates On Mp3s

If You Give me Your Heart

If you give me your heart,i’ll give you my soul
And i Love you my love until we both old
All i wanna do is love you and for you to love me too… 239 more words


VGB Spectrum Podcast #026

Dutch producer and DJ, VGB plates up this delicious mix as our 26th podcast in the series. He’s been someone who‘s grabbed my attention of late, blending futuristic aspects with an authentic, urban sound. 162 more words