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Deuteronomy 5:20 niv

This is straightforward enough.
Don’t tell lies about your neighbor.
We may not outright lie but maybe
there are times we avoid the truth or don’t speak up… 53 more words

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Dying to Live

I watch my children’s age group, the 20- and 30-somethings, sorting through just what kind of life is worth living—in what or whom should they invest their energy and trust? 419 more words

Deuteronomy 3

It’s quite intriguing and I think worthy of some serious thought what Moses has done to result to such anger of God that he was not permitted to enter the Promised Land. 57 more words


Not Too Small to be Noticed: What Jeremiah 34 Says About the Value of the Individual

The Story in Brief: Zedekiah’s manumission of the slaves in besieged Jerusalem (Jer 34:8-22):

Under pressure from besieging Babylonian (or, as my young daughter read it out last night, ‘Babylion’) forces around 588 BC, Zedekiah, last king of Judah, secured the agreement of community leaders to release “fellow Jews” who were enslaved: 34:8-10, 15, 18-19.  964 more words

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Deuteronomy 5:19 hcs

Everyone is to work to provide for themselves and their families.
We are also to help provide for those who cannot do so for themselves. 61 more words

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Shoftim 5774

“Are trees of the field human?”  Obviously not.  So why would Deuteronomy even ask the question?  Or are they saying something else entirely?


This week’s handout:   33 more words

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Challenge: Is the Call “The Call”?

It’s time for a confession; I haven’t always had the right attitude regarding my service in the church…
Nursery? I did my time when my boys were little. 699 more words

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