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Open Thoughts

“To teach one a lesson means to lay down your arms and let go of this
so called free will and bare what you truly are to your enemy”. 232 more words

Darkness in the Soul

The red and blooded sky, a loss seen but gone by,
The heart weakens to die, the soul burns and Dante prays.
In the ashes of that day nothing is left to say. 185 more words


The 20/20 Experience

When I was a little boy, I loved cars.  To this very day, I still do.  But, all I really wanted to spend what is now my adult life doing was race.   910 more words

Better Me

After the worst trip ever it feels so frickin good to be home! There is no better way to celebrate than a night out on the town.

139 more words

Banality of Feelings

Ignacio Castellanos Solís

When thinking about the feelings we are at a state of intellectual impotence (in some cases), the possibilities of what we can say are sometimes edged by fear, ridicule and even afraid to express what we feel. 378 more words


La Banalidad de los Sentimientos

Ignacio Castellanos Solís

Al pensar en los sentimientos nos situamos en un estado de impotencia intelectual (en ciertos casos), Se cierran las posibilidades de lo que podemos decir, por miedo al ridículo e incluso por miedo a expresar lo que sentimos. 556 more words