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Then I Think

The tears came back. Just like I knew they would, only sooner than I expected. They came back for me. Or they came back for you. 278 more words

Expression and Interaction

MQ is one of the new clients I saw for the first time this recent Tuesday. She has Tuberous Sclerosis – a condition I honestly have never heard of until last week. 426 more words


Singular anonymity

I live my life in anonymity.
No one knows me.
Sometimes I spend my energy
In a fruitless search
Of people who used to know me. 83 more words



If you could save the day
And pave the way
For a painless, less restrained
Place to lay,
Would you make the break
From the racing pace… 48 more words


Definition: LOvE

I may not know much about love

But when I feel sometimes like I would step out of my own skin just to be anything for you… 15 more words



“I wonder…
If the end truly justify the means.
I wonder…
How brown grass turns green.

I wonder…
What lies around the bend.
I wonder… 6 more words




from myself

as fast as I can

before it catches me

the sadness

out of breath

bones breaking



you can stop


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