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Surviving a Slasher: My 5 Must Have Items

Ok so I might have had a little bit too much fun writing my previous post about my five must have items in a zombie apocalypse, so I’ve decided to go all out and write some more! 520 more words


Isolation (Short Film) Editing Process

Over the past night and day I have been editing all of the material we shot on monday. It has been a learning process to say the least, even in such a short time. 198 more words


'The Room' star making mockumentary about 'the greatest bad movie ever made'

What do you do if you wind up being in one of the most hilariously terrible films of all time? You make a comedy about it. 142 more words


Not Your Average Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a recent but much loved favourite to add to my collection. This is obviously not based on true events however, the embellishments are extremely believable in a strange way. 51 more words


The Supreme Price (2014)

written and directed by Joanna Lipper

In select theatres in the US since October 3rd

Showcased in 11 international film festivals this year

The Supreme Price is a notable political story of Hafsat Abiolaunfolds as she follows Nigeria’s evolution from independence in 1960, through a series of military dictatorships to present day civilian rule.  500 more words

31 Days of Horror: Week 3 Round-up

Officially halfway through Neogaf’s 31 Days of Horror Marathon and we have a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to the offerings I chose this week. 724 more words



Beautiful ShowStudio film about a pilgrimage to an Adidas Mecca in Buenos Aires