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Folks Traits on Local Trains

Traveling in the local trains can be quite adventurous and interesting. I bet my fellow commuters would agree with me on that! One gets to see and meet people with different characteristics like the blabber mouth, the sober man, the restless party, the inquisitive cat, and the rest are pretty much an amalgamation of these. 260 more words


The Year it Snowed on Easter..............

In the seventies, we were fresh out of Seminary, and we arrived in Ed’s home town, and stayed across the street from his parents for four, wonderful ,years. 1,049 more words


Real friends aren't hard to keep

A comparison between friends and REAL friends from a personal perspective.

Friendships are similar to the “like” button on Facebook. 

Not everyone who clicks on the like button on Facebook means he/she really and simply likes it.. 1,239 more words


[Translation] クメール弦聖声楽

How I love this song! Violin, voice and folks instruments fit pretty well and somehow I love to sing along (*embarrassed*).
I hope Alvine will release more of these! 345 more words


supper with aunt sis

collards,fat back,shin bone,potato salad,homemade sweet relish,squash and cornbread.
lemon cake.


grumpy folks

started out not liking much of anything

and like the weather

degree and attitude

can go and flip at any rate and time

difference and its message… 61 more words