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With Home in Sight

This has not been my day.

First, my work email was hacked AGAIN!

So I’m having to shut that email account down completely and move all my work contact stuff to a new email account. 152 more words

The Security Gap - DIY Security World

I don’t think i have ever done this but i did originally write up the websites scope to include thought provoking articles. So anyway a quick thought about Security and how it should matter for everyone, not just from an organisational/enterprise level but even the personal/home computer and network security category. 641 more words


French manufacturer LaCie admits data breah

LaCie is a french manufacturer of  hard drive. It sent notifications to customers about the incident that jeopardizes  the information involved. The breach was detected by the FBI on March 19,2014 which forwarded the alarm. 59 more words


Caution: Facebook is under Trojan threat

Hacking and Malware is the biggest challenge that you face in today’s world. No website is safe and hackers are trying each and everything to get access and breach the security. 223 more words


This is not my boyfriend's techno blog post

While I always considered my captivation for technology and computers an intrinsic part of my personality, my other present-day obsessions were not always so naturally acknowledged.  466 more words


Texting - A recipe for disaster

One must always be careful when texting.  sarcasm never comes across the way it would in person.  It usually is misinterpreted and in the worst possible way for the writer.  623 more words

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