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Heartbleed Flaw Lurks in Android Apps Downloaded by Millions

Some 150 million downloads of Android mobile apps may be vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug, new security research has found.

And while there are as many as 17 Android apps that scan for the bug, at least six of them do so using a method that is insufficient. 398 more words


Heartbeat, complexity, and common-mode failure

“The Heartbleed problem can be blamed on complexity; all Internet standards become festooned with complicating option sets that no one person can know in their entirety.

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LinkedIn API - Unable to Retrieve Access Token

Ran into a fun little bug with the LinkedIn API this morning:

'{"error":"server_error","error_description":"the authorization server encountered an unexpected condition : Unable to retrieve access token"}' 137 more words


Google asked to censor 2 million PirateBay URLs

In the first week of April, Google says that it reported over 40 thousand URL takedown requests hosted on the torrent site.

In a bid to make it more difficult for public to find pirated content, copyright holders have turned to Google to delete/block around two million links to various copyrighted content hosted on thepiratebay.se. 196 more words


Bay Area Security Firm That Revealed Target Breach Details Changing Tactics For Cybercriminals

MILPITAS (KPIX 5) — Crooks have already used the HeartBleed bug to break into a major corporation’s network system.  While it’s unclear whether the bad guys stole anything, statistics show cybercrime is on the rise, the crooks are changing tactics, and the playing field has exploded. 465 more words


Brazilian Congress passes ‘Internet constitution’ ahead of global conference on web future

Ahead of a two-day Net Mundial international conference in Sao Paulo on the future of the Internet, Brazil’s Senate has unanimously adopted a bill which guarantees online privacy of Brazilian users and enshrines equal access to the global network.The bill known as the “Internet constitution” was first introduced in the wake of the NSA spying scandal and is now expected to be signed into law by President Dilma Rousseff – one of the primary targets of the US intelligence apparatus, as leaks by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden revealed.Rousseff plans to present the law on Wednesday at a global Internet conference.The bill promotes freedom of information, making service providers not liable for content published by their users, but instead forcing the companies to obey court orders to remove any offensive material. 9 more words