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Apple Sold 44M iPhones, 16M iPads And 4M Macs In Q2 2014

Apple shared its quarterly earnings results today, and for fiscal Q2 2014, the company moved 43.7 million iPhones, 16.3 million iPads and 4.1 million Macs. 249 more words


Etsy Paid Less Than $10 Million for Online Gadget Marketplace Grand St. (Updated)

In many ways, Grand St. aspired to build an Etsy for electronics. Now Etsy has acquired Grand St., the company announced today.

The deal, which is still closing, was a small one. 415 more words


How Much Should a Flagship Cost? The OnePlus One is Throwing Down the Gauntlet

In the smartphone world, there are a few inevitable truths: Apple devices cost a premium, Samsung devices are made of plastic, and flagship devices are very expensive. 992 more words


The Cheeriest Laundry Room of All Time

It’s done. And to me, it’s perfect.

Someone asked me what my favorite part of the room is….

….the answer is : the way I feel when I’m in it. 683 more words

Martin Place

Ball Tracking

One common way to track the movement of the ball is to use optical mice.  Some disadvantages of the method is that mice need to be positioned carefully near the ball surface in each experiment, that at least  least two of them are needed to recover all 3 rotation parameters, and that it is not trivial how to synchronize such data to the imaging. 272 more words


Nike To Exit FuelBand Hardware In A Bid to Improve Software Quality

Nike is reportedly exiting the hardware business of its activity tracker, FuelBand, and plans to focus on the band’s software and digital applications.

Samsung Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 is not the newest note but it is one I recently purchase. I was attracted to it though using the galaxy tablets and was amazed by the Screen resolution and a depth of colour. 242 more words

Paul McCusker