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Don't ask me why I like to run.

Sometimes people ask me why I like to run.

They say, “Your lungs burn like they’ve been dunked into a bucket of acid. Your legs quiver with each passing minute. 159 more words

They're really saying, I love you.

Over the last week, I have been immersing myself in deep, deep love. Thinking about romantic love that I have experienced before, friendly love that I have between my best of friends, the love I have for my job and coworkers, and the love that I share for my family. 571 more words

Meaning, again.

Find me;
Can’t you see my fingers nearby, grasping at thin air?
Or are you waiting till they grab at you, specifically?
Do you perhaps wait for that other guy over there to do the needful? 151 more words


I’m sad in a way I can’t understand
And this music playing
Makes it louder
And all the more harder
To comprehend
Please help me God… 24 more words


Emotions…We all have them; everyday, every minute, in every situation. We are feeling things throughout our lifetime. Feelings are good. The fact that you feel, means you are alive, that you have a heart, that you are capable of loving. 207 more words

Postpartum Life, III

Perhaps I turned a corner and had some really great days in a row…but somehow I ended up back on that corner. Well, I admit: I stayed up late painting one night and another night talking with a friend. 1,233 more words

Control-Freak Much?

I am not entirely certain what the purpose of this story will be – I suppose to ask for advice on the situation more than anything. 455 more words