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I'm too busy for you.

It’s those words that produce solitude immediately after they have left the mouth. When the shape of their lips are in the shape of anger, it hits your chest and resonates within your body up to your throat, where you feel it lodged– suffocating you. 254 more words

Thought of the Day: Share Your Wisdom

Everybody is brought up differently. Our eyes are opened to different ways of looking at the world. But just because someone does not see the world from the same perspective as you, does not mean that they would not like you to show them. 117 more words

Snack Friday: How You Can Give This Holiday Season

Are you tired of all the shopping hype at this time of year? Do you think we sometimes lose track of what the holidays are about? 401 more words

Just a week ago

Just a week ago….all I wanted was to make him happy and saw myself with him forever……then everything changed….

the devil is definitely putting in work…

128 more words


Obsession- that’s the disease I have.
Obsessively thinking about something with no logic.
That’s what I do;
So, is that what I feel for you? 180 more words

Life Sciences: Human Reproduction- Labour & Birth


Labour includes the expulsion of the baby as well as the release of the afterbirth (placenta).

One option is a CESAREAN SECTION

it is in a surgical procedure where incisions are made through a woman’s abdomen and uterus to deliver her baby. 60 more words


The mishevious red crayon strikes again!

And so it has happened.  Someone left a red crayon in their pants pocket.  It was washed, dried, and melted all over my dryer and the clothes that accompanied it for the ride. 69 more words

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