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Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Experience-sharing Workshop of Incubation Centers from the Asia Pacific 2014, Taipei, China--Recommendations


A workshop on Incubation Centers from the Asia-Pacific: Forging Partnerships for the Development of Entrepreneurs and Promotion of Entrepreneurship was organized by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), 14–18 July 2014, in Taipei, ROC, in collaboration with the China Productivity Center (CPC). 507 more words


The Tale of the Fake Chicken

It’s important to say right at the outset that our family is omnivorous. The topic of food philosophy is a complex and often controversial one and the point of this post is not to go into detail on this (although I am happy to do so at a later stage), but I think it is important to understand that our path to self-sufficiency includes the raising of animals for consumption. 390 more words

Eating What You Grow

How Kolba incubates

This post originally appeared on Kolba.am

Kolba supports activists, entrepreneurs and change-makers within government in Armenia who have a good understanding of societal problems and feel passionate about solving them. 377 more words

George Hodge

4 ways to boost creativity

For any creative individuals, artists, writers, designers etc, sometimes motivation and inspiration can be lacking. This doesn’t mean you don’t want to be in full-creative mode but often there’s just a block, you easily loose your train of thought or you can’t get down on paper (seeing that this is the 21st century the use of paper… 354 more words

A case when Incubation license was required

I came across this strange problem where it started asking for license of Cadence’s Incubation tool.

irun(64): 12.20-s008: (c) Copyright 1995-2013 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. 104 more words


Quote for Today: Michael Michalko

Creativity is paradoxical. To create, a person must have knowledge but forget the knowledge, must see unexpected connections in things but not have a mental disorder, must work hard but spend time doing nothing as information incubates, must create many ideas yet most of them are useless, must look at the same thing as everyone else, yet see something different, must desire success but embrace failure, must be persistent but not stubborn, and must listen to experts but know how to disregard them. 22 more words

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