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Sativa vs. Indica: Knowing Your Medicine [Infographic]

When it comes to strains of marijuana, there are two major types: Sativa and Indica.

Source: Leaf Science


Pure Kush

Name: Pure Kush

Heritage: Unknown for sure, beyond being an Indica. There are a couple of major possibilities, based on what research we were able to do into this name. 1,339 more words


A Very Quick Infographic As To What Makes A Sativa vs. An Indica

To the casual marijuana smoker, it’s always hazy as to what differentiates Sativas vs. Indicas. Well, here you go: the effects laid out for you in plain and simple English. 36 more words


simon and garfunkel: "feelin' groovy"

This goes especially well with an indica right before bedtime.


Blackberry Kush

Name: Blackberry Kush

Heritage: Strongly Indica dominant – 80/20. Parentage is reputed to be a male of DJ Short’s Blueberry phenotype crossed to an Afghani mother. 1,029 more words


Royal Raspberry

NOTE: Unlike most of our reviews, this is actually a photo of the actual weed we smoked and reviewed. The photo doesn’t do its loveliness justice, but we couldn’t find any pictures of Royal Raspberry online, so we had no choice but to resort to a bad photo of our own stuff. 539 more words


Cannabis - Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Telling the complete story of Cannabis Indica is not an easy task. Its history covers many areas of the world which are known for their traditional production of hashish. 4,140 more words