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I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Rummaging around for more people working on militarized vision, I encountered a forum on Military optics and Bodies of difference held at Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender earlier this year, and through that the research of… 1,795 more words


Armed Russian robocops to defend missile bases

The West has always been a little squeamish about the idea of arming robots. Despite decades of development, no systems have ever been deployed and a vocal human rights campaign means it’s unlikely to happen in the near future. 532 more words


Photos of Iraqi Beauty Queens

The beauty queen contest was once a natural part of the Iraqi society and the country is still represented in international beauty contests, at the moment being by… 108 more words

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We all got’em, but what do they mean, if they have a meaning at all?  Do dreams drive our lives?  Do they tell the future, or are they just a mixed up jumble of gunk running around in our subconscious mind?  689 more words


Last night I dreamed what I would do

If I stood in your place

If ‘time’ had never happened

Or if ‘time’ could be erased… 155 more words

The Tragedy of Tony Blair

By Kyle Orton (@Syrian_Intifada) on April 24, 2014

There’s a case to be made that Tony Blair is the most important figure in the development of the concept of “humanitarian intervention” since the end of the Cold War. 1,788 more words


Killing of 3 Americans Raises New Questions About Afghanistan and Iraq

The killing of three U.S. medical personnel Thursday, allegedly by an Afghan policeman guarding their hospital, raises anew questions about the wisdom of a continued U.S. 317 more words