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LDAP sequence diagram with Kerberos authentication

The LDAP sequence diagram describes authenticated LDAP directory lookup. The steps covered are:

  1. TCP connection establishment with the LDAP server
  2. Initial interaction to list the available services.
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Sequence Diagram

[Arabic]16. Windows Authentication in SharePoint Server 2013

Very interesting lesson explains to you how to understand SharePoint server windows authentication mechanism.


SharePoint Administration

Installation SharePoint 2013 with Web Application Proxy and ADFS – Kerberos

Installation of SharePoint 2013 with Web Application Proxy and ADFS – Kerberos
Had some issues trying to piece together all the parts of the puzzle in order to get Web Application Proxy, ADFS and Kerberos to work together with a SharePoint 2013 Web Application hosting a Business Intelligence site, the linked guide should outline the most relevant points required. 67 more words

Jesper Arnecke

A short note about AD detached clusters in Windows Server 2012 R2

Yesterday Microsoft posted an article about a new way to deploy clusters in Windows Server 2012 R2 called Active Directory Detached Clusters. As the name implies this type of cluster do not rely on your AD in order to operate, instead using DNS for the Computer Name Objects and the Virtual Computer Objects. 91 more words


Kerberos authentication (AD DS) from Linux

It was a day of great results we received connecting Linux and windows. In this article I will provide some important tips I received during settings provisioning and great amount of links for helpful material. 809 more words


NTLM and Kerberos in SharePoint


Wireshark debug of ntlmssp.



To sum up my recommendations for best performance:

Consider creating an Active Directory site just for the SharePoint boxes (if in the same forest) and add GC’s for each domain going against SharePoint. 386 more words


Martian Smackdown: Groups Feud Over Crater Naming

The International Astronomical Union is not amused. That’s the gist of an email this august body, better known as the IAU, sent recently to people on the advisory board of an online company called Uwingu, which is selling the right to… 722 more words