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Successfully set up new social network profiles; these include Twitter and Tumblr. I have been advised to stay away from Facebook and so have followed instructions. 245 more words

Agent Of Asgard

Photography 101: Treasure

Treasure: what is it?  I’ve worked at museums long enough to know what an artifact is.  Usually, it’s an object that you find or dig up.  199 more words


If I Had The Money...

Good day to all of you Internetians! Apparently in like three weeks, I’ll be going on holiday hehe :D I was really excited when my family and I went for the tour briefing yesterday, the itinerary looked fun and amazing, oh well, guess that I’ll just have to wait. 832 more words

How to Get Girls

The Secret to getting girls is to treat them like a mosquito. You can’t just run up on a mosquito, it’ll fly away. You have to sort of stroll up, … 741 more words


On Attempting Minimalism.

First and foremost, let me start off by saying that I am not insulting or questioning the minimalist lifestyle people choose to pursue. I find all lifestyles of this and similar nature to be art forms and this is just  567 more words


A morning of Eagles

Going out in the woods and looking for eagles, takes patience. It can be a very frustrating day going out to see them and find none.   137 more words


Increasing length of jogging via /r/Fitness

I am going to start jogging, more or less from zero. I am going to be jogging four times a week. How much and often should I increase the distance? 39 more words