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"It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”


Why is so hard to find that one song that makes you feel like your 17 all over again dancing in your room all by yourself  with no care in the world?  180 more words


Reasonable Love

I’ve lost count of all the times when you asked me;
“Why are you with me?”
“How did you fall in love with Me?”

And each time when I answered you, I lost count of all the reasons that I loved you and of all the reasons that I chose to be with you. 395 more words


Better introduce myself

This photo isn’t recent, because between this photo and today I lost a fair whack of weigh, then regained it and more, so I look most like this again than any of my other photos. 152 more words


The Throes of Adulthood

(Via Phil.)

“How precious was that while.” —Piers Anthony


The Vagrant: The View From Here

by Vagrant

I’m in a city that stretches past the horizon in every direction. I’ll be here for a year. Hot, parched, cloudless sky above for months; the city itself a chaotic mess of beige and dirt and life. 339 more words


Hippies and heroin

I dated a heroin addict for four years. Me. The girl that drinks two beers and has reached her limit. The girl that takes Tylenol instead of Vicodin when she gets her wisdom teeth removed because she hates altered states THAT much. 885 more words


Hi everyone! It’s been almost an entire year since I posted in Chef By Invitation! While I loved the site and what I did with it, a lot has changed for me in the last year. 33 more words