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Brand New Year - 2015

Happy New Year guys! I hope you have all had an amazing festive season filled with love, laughter and family time. I’m a little late on the celebratory statements I know, but at least I made it in before February came around hahaha. 866 more words


Contradictory point in life

Being a teenager up to, around about 21, is a very contradictory place to be in your life. You are expected to be and adult, yet constantly reminded that you are still a child. 124 more words


The simplicity in our love electrifies me
On a couch we mingle in each other’s arms
I reach for a kiss from your torn lips… 145 more words


Mexican Bureaucracy is Insane

Many of you know that my Mexican visa process has been “work in progress” for a longer period of time now. Last year I thought I was finally going to receive my visa, but things got a bit delayed (not a big surprise).  572 more words


Why Your Attitude is Holding You Back

Hey there. Where are your most pressing problems in life in this moment? What repeating loops of thought continuously haunt your mind? Don’t you want something to change? 152 more words

New Years Resolutions (Ya, I know it's almost February)

Like millions of people around the world, each year I resolve to make resolutions to magically make my life significantly better than the previous. And like many, I do well for about month and then somehow get distracted and my good intentions stray off course. 827 more words

New Years Resolutions

Yoga, death, and taxes

Mainly I mean taxes and yoga. I’ve been spending the last month trying to get everything ready to go for tax season.

This is not going to be exciting, but if you’re a yoga teacher (especially a new one, especially if you made over $600 teaching last year), listen up: 301 more words