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[ JackMark - LongFic ] Người Tình Một Đêm ( Chap15 )

Sáng hôm sau tỉnh lại không thấy anh bên cạnh, bên gối cũng không dấu người nằm. Tối qua, anh không về nhà sao?

Mark cẩn thận bước xuống giường, tuy rằng bụng cậu so với những thai phụ cùng tháng thì nhỏ hơn nhiều nhưng dẫu sao cũng đã gần 8 tháng. 2,637 more words

Mark 7:28-29 Last Hope

“Lord, she replied, even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs. Then he told her, For such a reply, you may go; the demon has left your daughter.” Mark 7:28-29… 375 more words

Bible 2014

Mark. Close Ranks Cape

Show your support of a huge outerwear trend with our military-minded cape, featuring a high neck, faux-leather trim, a matching tie belt and atten-shun-getting brushed goldtone square buttons down the front. 22 more words


TemporalPoint as an array

Looks like my original question was not well formed so I will make it a little simpler :

Why is TemporalPoint an array ?
In the book I see a TemporalPoint object called point . 49 more words

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Three-week Awana break? / Ayler and Jon resemblance / Mike and road rage / Sushi menorah!

Harmony asked via Facebook message if I’d be free on Saturday at 11, and added that Jon has the 27th and the 3rd off, so that’s fine. 96 more words


How to Insert Check Mark in Microsoft Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a tick mark in Microsoft Excel worksheet. Follow these steps:- 118 more words

Microsoft Office

Macintosh Classic µATX Mod #8 | So I figured that out

I am proud to announce that I finally got a working screen!

I am truly amazed by the resolution and the colors it has. I can totally recommend this as a little screen for your desk. 156 more words