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Tracing NTLM (via: 407 Authentication required - no challenge sent - Stack Overflow)

Might need this one day:

I wrote a utility to decode the NTLM blobs that were sent in the IE and HttpWebRequest sessions.When I look at the HttpWebRequest and IE, they both request 56bit and 128bit encryption from the server.

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Cisco AnyConnect VPN authentication failure using NTLM

It turns out that Cisco AnyConnect VPN (through an ASA) doesn’t support NTLMv2. In server 2003 the Default Domain Controller Policy was set to Sent NTLM response only. 181 more words


FireFox 30 blocks SharePoint authentification

It seems like FireFox 30 has disabled NTLMv1 sites:

This is affecting SharePoint-based or IIS-backed intranet applications. If you encounter any problems on Firefox 30 or later, you can manually enable NTLMv1 using a preference.

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