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Twenty-Something Diabetes Diagnoses

So, what does every girl expect to get for her 29th birthday? Certainly not Type 1 diabetes, especially when there’s no family history or ‘at risk’ indicators. 546 more words



What a cruel place,
Would this world be,
Without a sister,
to walk beside me.

To have my back,
To make me laugh,
To be there through my hardest fights. 120 more words


Balance in older adults may improve with hearing aids

A new study finds that when older adults who used hearing aids kept them switched on in both ears, they performed better on balance tests than when the devices were switched off. 6 more words

Grandma's Wisdom

I’m not sure if it’s just me and my family or if this happens to everyone but when I call my grandmother there are a few subjects that they never fail to bring up. 430 more words

Christian Life

What do you see?

Age, It’s a thing we either don’t mind or it’s a thing we loath. Some say “grow old gracefully”, some say “never grow up”. Looking in the mirror as i do from time to time i see a aging guy looking back at me and i think, how is this me…. 347 more words


How Older Homes Beat New Homes

For a society that likes shiny new things, the latest research could foreshadow a surprising trend — homebuyers choosing older homes over new construction. Find out why… 9 more words