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9 Lessons We Can Learn From Old People

Everyone gets to be young, but not everyone gets to be old. As time goes by, we all age; we get weaker and more disease prone. 776 more words

It's wonderful;

It’s suprising how much a person can change you, improve you.. by not even trying- you start to talk like them, you change the way you cook because they do it that way. 72 more words

Unconscious Coupling

Driving home the other day I saw an older couple waiting to cross the street. Nothing alarming there, right? And yet the scene evoked the type of fear usually reserved for that gap of time between medical tests and medical test results. 370 more words


Promising approaches to reducing isolation and loneliness in later life

New guidance written by Age UK and the Campaign to End Loneliness highlights some promising practice to reducing isolation among older people, including case studies from across the UK. 8 more words

Evidence & Policy

Loneliness and dementia are linked in old age

The Guardian reported in 2013 that people who feel lonely are much more likely to develop dementia in old age, new research suggests that loneliness is a risk factor for the condition. 343 more words

An Open Letter to My New 28 Year Old Self

Dear 28:



Take a look around, and see what you are walking in to. We’re going to be together for a whole year. 260 more words

Proof I Am Crazy


What he had never learnt, understood, was that being ordinary, getting by or coasting along, just was not going to be enough. This was not the seventies. 358 more words

Other Little Things