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Older Each Day

Well, is it possible? To wake up one day feeling a little older, when after all I am just nineteen and a few days old. Is it possible to just wake up to not such a good day, in fact, very well a bad day, but still being able to stand up, gather oneself and be ready to take on anything that falls your way? 73 more words

I was born. I began to cry. I began to smile.
I grew. I learned to crawl. I learned to chuckle.
I grew older. I started to go to school.

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Three Groups Who Enjoy Halloween (2007)

1. Younger children.

2. Older children.

3. Adults of any age.
Trick or treat-
No matter how old you are, the likes of candy,
still tastes sweet.


How to live well after 40! (podcast)

On this talk show:  A Christian doctor (Dr John Dunlop) reveals how you can live well after 40, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually!


Oct 29 Debbie podcast link


Facial Hair Makes You Look Up to 10 Years Older

A new study found that facial hair makes men look significantly older. Here’s how much different types of facial hair can age you, according to the survey by the UK’s Crown Clinic: 88 more words


When You Feel Like The Oldest Person At Work

One of the traits of boomers I always point out in my intergenerational workplace programs is the inability to see ourselves as “old.”

So I was intrigued reading journalist Michele Willens’ recent New York Times opinion piece, 620 more words

October 2014